HTML is the most important skill in Marketing

Of course this is an oversimplification and over generalization made to catch you attention, but it is NOT too far from the truth. Most Digital Marketing tools are a simplified version of a primitive website. Yet, most Digital Marketing specialists and even Guru's have very little understanding of how to create or edit in HTML. Considering most tools accept input in HTML (since it will be displayed on a website), and Email Marketing is so popular, it is mindblowing that this is still the case.

I learned HTML back in 1995 while making a very simple site for my band. Yes, it was one of those ugly sites with too many animated gifs, huge buttons, animated backgrounds etc, but the fact is that I learned it in 1 night; just a couple of hours. HTML is a ridiculous simple language that can accomplish very little on its own other than give structure to the display of a page or email. It is all based on the opening and closing of brackets such as "<table></table>" where you don't even need to know the terms, some guessing or a quick google search will give you the answer.

And that is only HTML.  Most Marketing (or complete multi-million companies) do not have anyone that can even edit a piece of JavaScript, which is the most used language to accomplish even the most menial tasks online.  You also need CSS in order to control the branding, look and responsiveness of your Landing Pages and Web Pages if nothing else.  All skills overlooked at the time of hiring, mostly because the hiring managers themselves are oblivious to these skills.

For most of you reading this, this information is probably well known and understood; so why, am I writing this? Because every day I work with clients that can't edit an email unless there is a WYSIWYG in place, and even worse, I come to realize that the person was likely interviewed by more than one Marketing Professional that overlook the need for this very basic and fundamental skill. So is it the marketing specialist's fault or the Chief Marketing Officer's fault? I say it is the CMO (or any other high executive) responsibility to identify the skills and tools necessary to achieve his vision for the Marketing Strategy.

What other skills are you missing on your interview process?

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